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Welcome to my creative studio!

I specialize in historic home interiors. Helping historic homeowners solve their design dilemmas creatively and make their spaces sing again is something that I really enjoy! 


 Based in the Chicago/Oak Park, IL area,

I also work internationally in France on the border of Geneva, Switzerland and

offer services virtually across the US. 

Wherever you are, I can design for you thanks to technology.

Services are primarily offered at the design concept stage in order to help you see your vision on paper (or determine what your vision is!) before purchasing and implementation.

Examples of designs at this stage include: Layouts, mood boards, design concepts, soft furnishing ideas, color palette, shopping list, lighting plans, and more. More details and examples are on the services page.

If you are looking for full-service design with procurement and project management

these are not services that I offer, but I am happy to offer some referrals.


I help people create homes that are a joy for them to be in by personalizing the space with color, textures and things that they love. ..with objects that are special to them, with things that uplift them, bring joy and comfort, touch their souls and make them smile. 

My design recipe: I  believe in having a timeless base to work with, but bringing it into the 21st century with the use of color, patterns, and fresh art.

With your wishes and desires for your space, I will help you create an eclectic, yet harmonious and intelligently designed space; complete with a mix of styles and a lot of personalization.

Think traditional yet contemporary with pops of modern and more!

Contact my studio today to learn more about how I can help with your design project! 

Colorful Homes

“Beauty is everywhere, in both the familiar and unexpected places; like in a dog-eared photo or childhood doll or in the beauty of the faded & cracked paint on a much loved kitchen chair.”

- Amy Reich

Image by Christina Rumpf


Surround yourself with colors that you love

& that make you feel happy.

Living Etc Isatu Funna Home  CU Image credit_ Paul Raeside.png

Art & Collections

Personalize with art, photos, & meaningful objects. 

Every old home has a symphony to play. A symphony composed of your unique interests and lifestyle, memories, future dreams and more.

That symphony changes over time. If you’ve lived in your home for 30 years and are still playing the same song, its time to bring your home and yourself into the 21st century.

Image Credit:Living ETC.  Paul Raeside


© Amy E. Reich  Museum of Youth Illustration Moulins, France


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