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Package: Mood Board to Visualize the Feeling of Your Space

This is the first step in the design process.

One room /space $150 and up


  • Welcome questionnaire. 

  • Digital Mood Board for one room/space. This key step helps to visualize the feeling of your room/space. Everything from color, textures, and pattern that creates a mood or feeling of the space Created with inspirational images, Pinterest board, etc. provided by client and also researched by the designer based on your input in the welcome questionnaire. 

  • Does not include furniture or interior images. 

  • 1 Revision of the board, if needed.


Package: Design Concept Board to Visualize Your Space

One room /space $250 and up depending on size/type.


  • Welcome questionnaire.

  • Digital Design Concept Board for one room/space.

  • Detailed summary notes in PDF document. Provides ideas for the style of the room indicating suggested furnishings and decor. May include photos of items client wants to use/keep in the space.

  • 30-minute virtual meeting.

  • 1 Revision of the board, if needed.

All boards copyright Amy Reich. Images from Wix, Canva, Pinterest, or Unsplash. 

SAMPLES- Click on images.

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