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Welcome to France!

Hello, Bonjour, 

I’m Amy Reich an English speaking interior designer. As a fellow expat in France, I know how important it is to feel at home in new surroundings. 


I work with English-speaking renters, in all types of living spaces, to help make their rentals feel like home, no matter how long or short their stay will be in France. 

Most of my services are virtual which means I can work anywhere. However, I focus on serving clients in the Pays de Gex area of France where there is a large international population, with many who work for companies just over the border in Geneva, Switzerland.

I am available to work with renters and guesthouse owners in other parts of France as well. Limited in person availability in the Allier in Chantelle, Vichy area. 

Learn more about how I can help you to create a characterful, personalized, well-functioning, and comfortable home.  Everyone needs a supportive home where they feel at home, even if they are thousands of miles away!

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Perhaps you recently relocated to France for work or you’ve been here a while and still have not unpacked all of your boxes?


With all of the adjustments that are part of relocating to a foreign land, have you ignored creating a comfy, welcoming, and personalized space or maybe it’s just too overwhelming to even think about dealing with? 

Is your rental a wonderful stone house furnished with "meh" furnishings and decor that you simply can’t bear the thought of living with for another xyz amount of years until your contract is up?




Or maybe you are renting a boring box apartment inside of a boxy newer build and it lacks character, feels temporary, and you just don't feel at home? 



With a collaborative approach, I will help to create a design plan for your space that’s personalized and not “cookie cutter” style or a weird mishmash of things.


My specialty is using textiles and grouping or "vignettes" of objects to add character to a space.


Through me, you’ll have access to specialty interior design services such as curtain makers, upholsterers, and more in the region. Furniture can be a mix of what’s already in your space, new pieces, and unique finds.

Dream of a new life in France


Reality of a new life in France!

House with Balcony
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