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E- DESIGN Love Your Old House WHOLE HOUSE Package - $1500 and up
One floor /level or entire house depending on size and as agreed. 


  • Client welcome pack & questionnaire

  • 90 minute virtual meeting to discuss your project

  • Moodboard: To visualize the look and feel of your space.

  • 2D survey drawing of your room (from the measurements that you provide)

  • Layout /Space planning: Two versions with detailed highlights /notes. To visualize best use of the space.

  • 1 revision - if needed.

  • Color palette: paint and/or wallpaper ideas / recommendations

  • Ideas for furniture

  • Design presentation/summary in a full color PDF document.

Follow up time - TWO  hours via email related to the room/s specified at the start. Excludes any new design concerns. Good for 30 days after your presentation is delivered to you.


EXTRAS - Prices vary.

Styling & finishing touches 

Additional furniture layout options 

Lighting or electrical plan

Sourcing furniture and trade discounts for select stores. 

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